EvoMotion Pumps

  • High efficiency
    EvoMotion air-motors have excellent staying power and are very efficient in converting air pressure into extremely consistent material flow for superior coating results.
  • Low Operating Cost
    Fluid sections are constructed entirely of stainless steel. Self-adjusting packing and thick hard chrome plated moving parts reduce wear to a minimum. The motor is practically maintenance-free and does not require regular lubrication.
  • High Flexibility
    All units can be used for AirCoat as well as for Airless applications. Accessories for any application needs are easily attached due to the modular nature of the unit.
  • APT
    The Anti Pulsation Technology is the combination of a low friction, stall-free steering valve and the anti-pulsation-tank in order to guarantee smoothest spraying conditions even with difficult materials.
  • Clean Operation
    The easily accessible separating agent cup to keep the piston clean even with reactive materials.