Ice Breaker

  • Reliable
    The unique internal design of the motor and its special discharge valves drastically reduce ice formation and prevent accumulation to ensure superior performance and exceptional reliability.
  • Under full pressure
    The packing-free, anti-stalling pilot valve is always fed by full air pressure, regardless of the adjusted working pressure, to guarantee high speed inversions and optimal performance.
  • Safe operation
    The pressure regulator is integrated with a safety air valve to ensure, when it is closed, that no pressure is left in the air motor.
  • Service friendly
    The release agent cup is easily accessible. The quickrelease coupling between the piston rod and air motor makes it possible to quickly and easily disconnect the  uid section.
  • Filtration and Recirculation
    The large easy-to-clean material filter combined with the recirculation valve creates maximum performance in cleaning and flushing.
  • Performance and durability
    Self-adjusting packings and a thick hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid section ensures durability regardless of the material used.
  • Easy and long lasting
    The large ball valve with hard metal seats ensures a strong suction power and an extremely long working life. Easily opened for cleaning without disassembling the fluid section. The suction hose moves freely on a swivel joint.