Manual AirCoat Guns

The Air Coat process (Airless+ Air) is unique in its ability to uniformly atomize the coating material at relatively low pressure (from about 60 bar depending on the material) using a piston pumps or diaphragm pump. This is achieved by means of a central air guide (air cap) that is mounted directly on the nozzle bore and that surrounded the sprayed medium on all sides. The result is a considerable reduction in overspray compared to the Airless and air spraying methods, achieving material saving of up to 15% over the Airless process and up to 40% over air atomization.

Ultra light gun GM 4100AC
  Light gun GM 4600AC
Light gun GM 4100AC
Light gun GM 4600AC
  • Slim Handle
  • Ultra light gun 437 gm
  • Edge Filter
  • Regular Filter
  • Light gun 526 gm
  • Long Filter