Prima Sprint

PrimaSprint is new manual powder system, combines attractive design and superior functionality. Easy handling and exceptional coating results are achieved by the electronic controller EPG-Sprint. Its central dynamic control dial combines the operation of all parameters, which are divided into four functional sections. Unique cascade characteristic curve settings, for instance and Tribo compatibility offer the greatest flexibility for all types of powder.

Whatís new?
  • High-Dynamic-Remote (HDR) trigger by double click
  • Closed-Loop-Controller for perfectly reproducible coating results
  • Unique controller with HV-characteristic curve settings
  • Fast, intuitive, self-explanatory use
  • Rapid color changes by air pulsation
  • Ergonomic for fatigue-free and safe coating
  • Corona and Tribo compatibility
  • 50 coating programs storable (4 with direct access)
Maximum flexibility

The gunís highly dynamic remote control allows switching between pre-selected programs. Choose from 50 individually set recipes by a simple double click. Color changing has been made easier and more effective by the air pulsation function. The modular design and a wide range of accessories enable the user to convert the unit into any of the three versions, to suit the diversity of coating tasks.

PrimaSprint Airfluid
PrimaSprint 60 L
PrimaSprint 3 L