ICF Integral Compact Filter

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as dealer for WAGNER (GERMANY) Painting & Powder Coating Equipments ANAND IMPEX (PUNE-Sanaswadi) for their Painting & Powder coating plants Batch Type as well as Conveyorised type.

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The choice of the right system components depends on the nature of the work-piece, the rate of throughput and the coating process. When choosing the best powder recovery system the frequency of colour changes and the finished quality required play an especially large role. For up to 3 standard colours the ICF booth with filter recovery is the most efficient powder separation system (ICF = Integral Compact Filter).

The benefits of a stainless steel booth

Stable contruction, smooth walled design

High grade stainless steel

Low powder adhesion, easy to clean

Horizontal booth floor which can be walked on

Powder extraction belt as an option

Suitable for all applications where a few standard colours are usedCorona and Tribo compatibility

The complete filter unit can be replaced making fast colour changed possible

Almost 100% powder separation for greater economy

All functional units are optimally matched to each other: powder recovery, preparation and powder supply

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