ZIP Finishing

Air powered double diaphragm pump; designed to transfer and to pump fluid products including corrosive, abrasive and high-viscosity materials

  • INNOVATIVE PUMP ZIP 52, state of the art in the field for its characteristics, performances and reliability. Motor RUNNER: higher exchange speed, reduced air consumption, antistalling valve; fluid OR in PTFE, max. delivery over 50 lt/min, over-pressure integrated valve, limited pump dimensions (less space and quicker washing), more suction power.
  • COMPLETE EQUIPMENT: to satisfy every application requirement.
  • NO PULSATIONS: perfect control of the pumped fluid thanks to the exclusive system FINE FLOW CONTROLLER 3 in1 (WAGNERCOLORA PATENT)
  • EASY TO USE: air and paint regulation are placed in a convenient and easy-to-see position on the front dashboard
  • NO DEAD SPACES to facilitate the cleaning and the colour change reducing the waste of solvent and time
  • MODULARITY: 3 different kits to equip the System according to the most specific requirements: wall mounted, on stand and on trolley with wheels.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY OF USE: suitable to feed one or several guns, both manual or automatic (carousels, automatic spraying machines, etc...)
  • LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS thanks to the extreme reliability of all the components and especially to the special “long-life” reinforced diaphragms (tested for more than 5 millions strokes with empty pump, at maximum speed with no breakages)
  • WIDE RANGE of models and versions available: aluminium, conductive plastics and stainless steel
  • NOISELESS : noise below the average
  • BETTER QUALITY/PRICE RATIO: there are for sure cheaper pumps on the market, but no one can compare qualitatively to the ZIP52 finishing. The most qualified competitors offering a product based on both price and quality are more expensive, compared with the same accessories ( ex. triton - graco)